Monday, April 2

The Christening of the Littlest Cherub

Well after an early morning trip to the ED, cause Baby K was covered in red angry blotches, courtesy of an allergic reaction. The Christening went wonderfully. She was extremely well behaved, though not quite her happy smiling self. The same could not be said for her big brother, who ran about everywhere, scoffing brownies and cupcakes as he went lol!!

Anyways as promised some pics, though not as many as I would have liked because the bald one forgot to charge the camera batteries, so we are waiting on more pics from the family.

Firstly the cake, made by Sharon from it was gorgeous, yummy orange cake inner. Gorgeously pink and sparkly with the most divine little swans around the edge, just perfect.

Then a picture of the cherub herself, with Grandma. Not a smily girl, but gorgeous just the same.

And then a close up of the gown. It was very long - tea length. Pristine white satin batiste, smocked in Floche and embroidered with umpteen bullion roses in silk thread. The gorgeous laces came as a Christening present from a friend. The hem had 10 rows of pintucks, a row of insertion lace and the wide lace from the neckline again on the hem. It was divine, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.


  1. Katherine looks gorgeous Lesley. The cake and the gown are divine :) I'd love a gown like that for Becky :)

  2. Wow Lesley - the dress is stunning and baby K looks adorable, as usual ;) The cake is beautiful. Glad the day turned out well.

  3. So glad the day went well, despite the initial hiccup. Everything looks absolutely adorable, and of course Katherine is a sweety-pie.

  4. Katherine looks a treasure and that dress is just stunning. Congratulations on a beautiful dress and a beautiful baby girl :)

  5. WOW, have a look at that dress

    You did an amazing job :)

    Katherine looks as cute as ever!!

  6. Beautiful work as always Lesley! Sorry to hear Baby K was not feeling well on the day.