Sunday, August 19

A rainy Sunday

Yah it's raining. Let's hope it rains for a few days and a decent amount, it's so incredibly dry here in Brisbane.

Baby K has finally gotten over the horrible tummy. She managed to give it Sarah as well, but thankfully it appears that the rest of us have missed out.

Anyways I'm starting to get things together again and will post pics as things are finished and sent. So keep your eye out here.

Shane has just updated the website, so I hope you like it. It should be easier to navigate and find the instocks. He is also working on the customs fabric pages, because I have so much fabric that I haven't listed yet. Heaps of new MM colours have arrived, along with some nice boy flannels, lush sherpas, velours and the funkiest PUL's ever.

And now a pic of a Work In Progress, it's going a bit slower than I like, but it's totally gorgeous and I'd really like to keep it for Miss K.

I've done quite a bit of work on it, in the last couple of days as well, and it's looking great. I hope the new owner likes it.

1 comment:

  1. so glad Katherine is finally feeling better.

    The WIP looks stunning- can't wait to see it unveiled