Friday, August 24

A chilly Friday

Brrrr, well it's if it's lucky 17 deg and windy and wet. Loving the rain, but brrr!!! cold. My fingers and nose are frozen.

Anways updating you all again.

I'm working on the pre-ordered night nappies, all are dyed and cut and pinned, so I'm working on tabs and boosters.

The embroidered work in progress is coming along nicely, it's just gorgeous and it's going to be hard to let it go. But I think the new owner will be stoked. She's been incredibly patient with me, it's taken alot longer than I would have liked and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Shane is still working on the new fabrics page, though he now has a new toy - an imac, so hopefully he'll get it finished soon.

Don't forget to check the bottom of the blog to see where your orders are at. I try and update them as I go, though I do sometimes forget oops!

I'm also working on the stock for our Red and Black stocking, some pics are already up, but there are more to come, I'll upload them as I get them finished.

Just listed some gorgeous bamboo velour/sherpa wipes, that I dyed with all my cuts the other week, they are so divine and squishy. So tempted to keep some for Miss K, but I think I'll just dye some more lol!!

Okay and of course you need pics of some of what I've done this week. So here you go. Not the best picture, cause I had to take it inside due to the rain.

So from left to right back row - Pink Bamboo AIO, Black and Orange Bamboo AIO, Teal Frog Bamboo AIO. Front row left to right - Pretty girly bamboo fitted, Raffle prize teal outer, white sherpa inner and Jungle Babies Tabs, Cobalt Blue Fish Bamboo AIO.
Hope the new owners like them.

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