Wednesday, November 7

Mystery Auction Photos

At long last, I've finished. And the parcel has been received by it's very generous owner. Who helped out another family heaps, but bidding on this auction.

First Pic is a full length one of the embroidered nappy. I embroidered it to match the little smocked dress. So I appliqued a fabric cut onto the front of the nappy and then hand embroidered motifs and flowers to match. The nappy is hand dyed in pinks and oranges. The new owners favourite colours.



And here is the complete pack.
Hand smocked little A-line dress, with hand smocked pocket.
Peasant type a-line dress, with a ruffled frill in bright orange flowers
2 HoneyBoy! Pullups, with additional booster
Hand dyed and embroidered Medium/long HoneyBoy Bamboo.


  1. Thank you so much for this amazing parcel. Emelyne adores the denim dress, as do I but the smocking and amazingly hard work that went into the pink a-line just astounds me.

    These dresses and their matching nappy will be the pieces that are kept in Eme's memory box once she (heaven forbid) outgrows them.

    Thank you again.

  2. Oh my goodness
    Lesley that is spectacular!!!
    Well done chicky what amazing creations!!
    Not only are you the cupcake Queen, you are the master of prurtty too!!

    You lucky duck Deeva ;)

    D xo