Thursday, November 1

Thursday 1st November

So the Cherub's have been hit again with tummy bugs - urgh!!! So not pleasant. I've nearly caught up with all outstanding orders. And then will start on the new customs for the winners in the Quick Dry Ballot, and some more instock goodies. The instock goodies will start to be listed randomly next week on the Cherub's Kiss site.

This is the last two weeks of schooling for my eldest daughter. So we are very busy with school events etc. Last night was speech night, where both our daughters collected prizes and our eldest was in the running for Dux. We are extremely proud of the hard work that both our girls have put into their schooling this year.

It is making for a busy time and apologise for those emails yet to be answered. Please know I will get to them as soon as I can. As always if you have an urgent enquiry, please state that in your subject and I will get to you as soon as I can.

The mystery auction goodies were posted this week and once the new owner receives them, keep your eyes peeled for the pics.

That's it from me for the moment. Have a great weekend.

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