Friday, February 29

Are you ready!!!

The Great Down Under Nappy Hunt starts tomorrow morning at 9am AEST. Please remember that this a free competition and it's meant to be fun. Take your time, look around and ask for help via the hint forum only Shane and I put alot of time into the hunt and we really don't like cheats. We aren't paid for our time, all profits go to support the Australian Nappy Network You will be caught and disqualified from this and may be future hunts. Please enter in the spirit of the Hunt. If you have any problems with anything during the hunt, just send us an email or pm. Most of you know where to find me :D

Now back to sewing business. Due to the large number of Sponsors in this hunt, Shane and I have found Cherub's Kiss taking a back seat, so there isn't as much stock as I had hoped to be listed tomorrow. But we will be stocking everyday during the Hunt (bar weekends). I've also listed some semi-customs on OZeBaby to make up for that. Keep an eye on OZeBaby for OOAK, customs and Minky nappies. General stock will be listed on the Cherub's Kiss site.

We will also be running a competiton - just sign up for the newsletter to go in the running to win a Cherub's Kiss Auriel - existing subscribers can enter as well - follow the directions on the home page - but basically it will be send us an email with your name and subscriber email addy and you are in the draw. I'll be giving away 3 nappies altogether.

Below are some photos of Katherine wearing the size 2 Auriel. She wasn't a happy camper cause the dog next door barked and gave her a bit of a scare, but bubbles soon mended that.

This nappy is the divine polyester print PUL available at Fairy Fabrics it was gorgeous to work with, and feels lovely and soft. This one was my tester made especially for Katherine. Also laying at her feet is her beautiful Steiner inspired Knot doll, which are available from Bits for Bots. It's her favourite dolly to take to bed and chew on.

This is Katherine in a black windpro Auriel. Plenty of room for boosting, but still nice and trim to go under those winter clothes.

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