Wednesday, March 5

Wednesday Night

Well Shane and I are spending a goodly portion of our time tracking down cheaters in the hunt :( Makes me spit chips!!! We do this all for ANN and we don't need to waste our time, chasing down people who don't play in the spirit of the hunt.

Vent over. Back to sewing news. We had to go and see Shane's Grandad along with some other housekeeping, so there has been no stock listed today.

Next lot of stock will go up tomorrow - more than likely later in the night. I'm going to try and keep everyone updated if I am stocking on a particular day - times won't be given, they will just be random stockings as I finish stuff and Shane can take the photos. I won't be stocking over the weekend. And next week's stock will be light on the ground, as William needs to go and have some dental work done under GA at the Royal Children's, and that is Wednesday, I suspect that he will be sore and sorry for a few days, so stock will be very limited until he recovers.

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