Sunday, February 10


Wow what a difference a re-arrangement and tidy makes to clear your head. The sewing room/office is all tidy - rearranged and ready for action.

And I've started a crafty blog to document the huge pile of craft/sewing UFO's I need to finish. I'm aiming at finishing 1 item a week.

I'm finishing up some custom orders today and then sending a few more bits and pieces out tomorrow.

I'll have some instock Hemp HoneyBoy! mainly boys designs up on probably Wednesday afternoon on the Cherub's Kiss site.

Keep your eyes peeled on OZeBaby for a gorgeous size 2 girls auction set. And some more sneaky peeks of the Cherub's Kiss Auriel made up into a boys set size 0, which will be pre-released on OZeBaby. So be the first to purchase an Auriel.

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