Thursday, February 21


Well it appears that most of the GDUNH stuff is going along well. All buttons etc appear to be up on the Sponsors site. We are still waiting for a handful of prizes to arrive, but those that we do have are overflowing onto the sewing room floor. Some gorgeous, gorgeous prizes, and not just nappies either.

If you don't know what the GDUNH is go HERE and all the information will be provided.

It's a bucket load of work for Shane and I - and a handful of volunteer helpers, who help keep an eye on forums and pack up the prizes, but it is alot of fun for those involved.

Now back to sewing news.

The Killer Whales will have more photos added tonight, but just snippets. Full photos will go up on Monday when the general population will be able to see the new Cherub's Kiss Auriel in full. Newsletter subscribers expect an email over the weekend with full pictures and as always a way to be the first to purchase anything new in the CK range.

There will be a couple of other pre-release ones up for auction/sale at our OZeBaby store next week before the official release at 9am on the 1st March to coincide with the GDUNH.

We will also be giving away a couple of the new Auriels in an email competition. Full details on the site as of 1st March.

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