Tuesday, April 22

If you go down to the woods today ....................

You might see a bear, a honey pot and some bees.

A gorgeous custom set - the very first 'embroidered AIO' Auriel, for a very patient lady. I hope she likes it.

Outer of Gold Windpro - inner of butter lemon bamboo velour, boosting of bamboo. A matching size 2 swing dress in a cute bee fabric, fully lined and buttoned at the shoulders.

And some more of today's work

A Quickdry HoneyBoy! AIO - Outer of purple windpro, inner of vibrant orange velour - snap in booster of velour and bamboo - bug Deco-Tabs. Plus a orange popsicle minky AIO Auriel - Inner of microfleece and snap in bamboo booster. They both look so lush and regal.

Still working, so a couple more pics to come.


  1. Oh Lesley, that is too beautiful! You are one talented lady and that is one lucky recipient!!

  2. Lesley, I just love that little "bee" outfit!

  3. Simply stunning Lesley :) Love the bee outfit!

  4. words fail me! well almost ;) did you ever end up doing embroidered aio hb's lesley? an embroidered auriel aio is even better anyway!!!! amazing work- i absolutely adore that bee outfit. very jealous!! xxx