Wednesday, April 16

A swap and some Longies

I've done a little swap with a gorgeous lady :) These nappies are for her little man - green and minky were the items of choice,along with the retro space print. I think they turned out divinely.

These are only the 2nd pair of longies I've knitted. Made with Monster Knits in the Mary Rose colourway, they went together very well. They fit Katherine great. And they are just the right length, I was worried I'd made them too short. I still need to lanolise them though.

And a gorgeous dress for the sister of the little man above. I love this print, roses and tiny prints always a classic look. I hope it's twirly enough for it's new owner.


  1. wow - they're all lovely. You're so clever Lesley!

  2. Beautiful work as always Lesley! I especially love the dress.