Sunday, June 8

First ANN Stocking

Hi Ladies,

The first special ANN stocking, will take place tomorrow - you will receive an email, with all the details of where you can find your special stocking. Remember you receive a 5% discount on your order, but you must quote your ANN member number to receive the discount.

The stock will be available to ANN members for 24 hours only, any stock remaining will be listed for sale to the general public after that.

The stocking has some size 1 and size 2 - all in the plain front design, 3 layers of hemp in the nappy and a snap in bamboo booster. Prices are from $28 - there are also some seconds amongst them, that are still fully functional, just a couple of cosmetic oopsies.

It you haven't already signed up to be an ANN member - you can join up here

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