Thursday, June 5

Would you like a custom slot?

If so, you can email in for a chance to receive one. We have a ballot open for custom slots, they will be randomly drawn the first of the month. We have 2 slots available every month. There are a couple of rules though.

1. Maximum order of 6 nappies
2. Nappies can be a mixture of HoneyBoy! or Auriel in any size. Does not include Hand-embroidered, limited edition, or hand dyed nappies. Colours/fabrics can be chosen from the selection sent to you and we do have a wide range to suit all tastes.
3. Nappies must be for your immediate family.
4. You need to reply to your offer and choose the fabrics and pay within 3 days of the offer, otherwise your place will be redrawn.
5. Customs will be completed in a two week timeframe.
6. Price will depend on quantity, size and type of nappy chosen.

If you'd like to enter, just go to our home page Cherub's Kiss and follow the email directions.

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