Tuesday, June 3

From this

the flat canvas that I work on.

Which turns into this divine number - this is the front - it's a teal outer windpro, with an extra layer through the wet zone. Butter Yellow Bamboo Velour on the inner. Hand embroidered with Bees, cast on stitch flowers (the pink), bullion rose (the purple) and a blue trail for the bees to fly on.

And the back.

Going to it's new home - bees and caterpillars

A 6 pack - very mixed and varied, but all beautiful in their own way, the new owner has impeccable taste :)

My custom list as below is now up to date again. Please keep your eye on your name if you are wanting to know where your order is at.

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for some exciting news!!!!!!

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  1. That embroidery is so gorgeous Lesley! Just beautiful :)