Wednesday, June 4

Gossamer Dreams

I know you've all been wondering where the Gossamer Dreams store went. Well it's moved to Gossamer Dreams

It's now 5 wahms, a 1 day stocking on the 15th of the month. So join us with our June theme of water and see fabulous nappies, knits and clothing from the talented ladies of

Bits for Bots
Cherub's Kiss
Cute Tooshies
Pookey Pockets and
Possum Pouches

Lucky ANN members got a sneak peek over the last day, to test our cart and make sure there were no hiccups. If you'd like a peek at what is coming, check out the Gossamer Dreams Blog

I'll be randomly stocking at our OZeBaby Store Cherub's Kiss over the next few days.

The Cherub's Kiss Store is being restocked, for a larger stocking in the next couple of weeks. Mostly size 2 Auriels, but hopefully some Quick Dry HoneyBoy!s as well.

And hopefully Shane will add the links to the custom slot email ballot in the next couple of days as well.

Hope all those in need of rain have now gotten some and I hope you all have a super day.

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