Thursday, July 24

Eye Candy

Some Eye Candy, on this freezing cold night here in Brisbane. I'm about to go and have some warm chocolate self-saucing pudding, would have preferred butterscotch, but I'd run out of Golden Syrup :( and a nice warm cup of tea.

A couple of quick dry HoneyBoy! Nappies, fully microfleeced lined

Two teeny weeny small HoneyBoy! nappies - this is one of the custom slot winners for June.

The other custom slot winner's choices. A mix of Minky and fleece Auriels.

And some more gorgeous hand embroidered baby legs. I'm embroidering a few more as we speak and I'll hopefully have them live to sell sometime next week.


  1. *Drool* over the leg warmers... they are gorgeous! I will definitely be on the prowl for them! The nappies are delicious as always. :)

  2. Gorgeous work! Love those baby sweet :)