Thursday, July 31

Shane says ................

I can't keep this :( Don't you think it would be perfect for Miss K? More of these divine creations coming, hoping to have them ready to stock sometime next week.

Outer of hand dyed bamboo velour - in hot pink, yellow and oranges. Inner of lush peach sherpa. Matching wipes, because I couldn't bare to throw out any of the scraps - tiny scraps are going to Donna from Bits for Bots for her little steiner inspired dolls.

And the back, even more beautiful I think :)

A two pack for a friend - 'limited edition' Lime Windpro with cartoony dinosaurs and a quick dry HoneyBoy in the lush Red Velvet Windpro.

Heavenly pack for a little boy soon to arrive :)

Rainbow baby legs - embroidered with ladybugs and bees

and a boys raphael pack in knits for a baby shower gift


  1. Phht! What would Shane know!! He's just the bald one :)


  2. Busy lady :)They all look gorgeous
    Gimmee those scraps please!