Tuesday, September 16

Happy 5th Birthday William

It's my little man's 5th birthday today - Daddy left at 6.30 for work, so we haven't done proper Happy Birthday yet, but I couldn't let him not open anything. So we have a lovely present from our friend K. William adores the band aids - they have pirates, and has already read the book.

We also baked cupcakes for Kindy - I was helped with the sprinkles by both Katherine and William and the 36 cupcakes became 35 when Katherine decided to lick one. So at 8.30 in the morning Katherine got to eat a cupcake. I cannot however rave enough about my new toy - The Cupcake Courier - it's fantastic, held all the cupcakes, it rode in the car to kindy - no smushed cupcakes, no icing everywhere and no dropped cake tins and it holds heaps - there are 24 children in William's class plus teachers and other staff, and finding away to transport this many cakes in the past has been a pain. So if you want to purchase one - toddle off and you can get one here The Cupcake Courier they have also started to sell single cupcake sized ones, but I haven't gotten any of those just yet.

Back later with more photos.


  1. Oh my goodness I cannot believe William has turned 5!
    The cupcakes, as always, look delicious.

  2. Happy birthday William :-).

    What a pity I can't get one of those couriers sent to me by Acme (remember coyote & the road runner?), cause I'm currently wondering how to transport 30 cupcakes to my son's school for his birthday.

  3. Happy birthday William!!!

    They are awesome... I just ordered the cup-a-cake because it will make taking cupcakes on the road for S soooo much more easier!

    I will be back for the courier as I'm sure it will be very handy for all the parties etc in the future!

    Sorry to hear K is sick... I hope she recovers soon.

  4. Happy birthday William!

    those cupcakes look soooo good!
    Your blog just makes my mouth water