Monday, September 22


Finished off the custom for the September Slot winner. It consists of 2 Auriels - 1 Munch Crunch - I thought I was out of the fruit print, but I found this piece lurking in the bottom of a huge pile of fabric lol!! Also a fleece Auriel, I really like this print as well, worked really well with the mauve fleece, and then a HoneyBoy! Mumford fleece it feels like velvet and the gorgeous Jungle Baby print on the tabs and a sage velour inner, just scrummy!

And then onto a wee embroidered cover for as it happens a little girl that has arrived today - it was the last on the list of items I had to complete for the cherub, so it's perfect timing, it should arrive at it's destination, just in time for when Mum and Bub come home from the hospital. It's carnation fleece, with hand embroidered roses, flowers and butterflies. It turned out divinely if I do say so myself.

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