Friday, September 26

Spoilt Rotten

So I did a little swap with the gorgeous Megsie designer of Pint - her blog is here I sent down 3 t-shirts for my big kids and a dress front cut out for the littliest cherub.

And this is what returned.

A gorgeous Babuska for Sarah.
Fairy on a mushroom for 'Tinkerbelle' Amy.
Pirate for William and a
gorgeous Fairy with a rose for Baby Katherine.

They are divine, and suit my children perfectly - down to the pigtails for Katherine.
Now I'm hoping my DH can take some better photos, cause Miss K thought that swinging from the jungle rope was more fun that having photos taken.

And then of course the little dare devil herself decided to show off - swinging from the swings in a beautiful Lottie Lulu Smurf t-shirt - and Ingrid kindly included a nappy cut to match, and I made a nappy for Katherine to match. I'm slack and hadn't posted a photo - so here it is. Again hoping to get some better shots next week.

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  1. Everything looks great! You are lucky to have some things from Megsie.