Sunday, November 23


Well this gorgeous set of 12 small Raphaels are on their way to their new owner tomorrow. I had to remake some of them thanks to the storms that hit, so keep an eye on OZeBaby for some storm damaged small Raphs in the next week or so.

They turned out beautifully. Hoping that the new owner loves them too :)

And thank goodness the storms that were predicted didn't eventuate last night and it's turned surprisingly chilly here in Brisbane too. Hopefully this means that I'll be able to catch up on orders, as I'm terribly behind with everything now.

And a couple more photos.

The first one if my daughters school - not one single tree remained undamaged, but the school gardeners have worked extremely hard and cleaned up alot of the damage, unfortunately it means that the schools gorgeous green and lush landscape is now bare and uninviting :(

and this is a photo of Thursday nights storm, which thankfully, just skipped over us.

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