Thursday, November 20

We really don't need anymore rain :(

Yup it bucketed down again last night - 1am in the morning and I'm mopping up water :(

But Shane's parents arrived this morning, bringing a trailer and my little ones back from the coast, so 4 loads of branches and the like gone to the dump. Apparently the council/army is coming - but I've no idea when - they were in our street this morning and then drove away, so we decided to do it ourselves. I would hate for another storm to hit and all that debris to go flying about. We still have at least 2 more loads to go if not more. Plus the huge tree stump is still there, we don't have a chainsaw, and you can't get one for love nor money.

Plus my sewing machine is possessed. We think from all the moisture, my super dooper repairman is going to look at it, but until I can get there, the backup machine is in use around the clean up, but it's a tad slower than my new machine, but we'll get there.

I pray that if more rain comes it goes to the dams, please don't send anymore this way, the neighbours are still mopping up mud and water, as there is so much flash flooding. We ourselves had over 4 inches overnight, some places had more than 10 inches. Too much rain in a couple of hours that's for sure.

At my daughter's high school, no tree has been left untouched and the music block is unusable.

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