Monday, November 10

When things don't go

according to plan. My plan this past weekend was to sew, sew, sew, but events conspired against me. Whilst waiting for DH to come back from dropping off DD to work, I sneezed and threw my back out :( Yes I know seriously a sneeze, but yup, that's all it took, my back isn't the greatest at anytime, thanks to a prior car accident. So I spent a goodly portion of the weekend flat on my back, in a fair amount of pain. But thank you to some massage and some strong pain relief, things are feeling much better.

But here are some of my dyeing efforts for a custom order. I'm not one to be an exact dyer, I take my chances and cross my fingers, and for the most part they work out.


  1. Geez L take it easy aye!

    Hope you're back to 100% really soon.

    Dye session looks like it was a success, they look great!

  2. Ooooh they are gorgeous!! So jealous!