Friday, December 12

Secret Santa Swap

A group of friends got together and decided to do a secret santa swap - I got my wonderful friend Ali - we talk nearly every week - her little man and my little cherub are very close in age - and both of them get up to mischief on a daily basis lol!!

Anyways Ali loves to knit - and does beautiful work - check out her store so with the help of another knitting friend who made suggestions about what knitters love I made a knitting needle roll - tutorial courtesy of Lupinbunny

Aside from a small oops on my part - I am not a quilter and though I follow the measurements in inches no problem thanks to my smocking background - in my head a fat quarter is 50 x 50, so it didn't matter what way I cut my pieces - WRONG! a fat quarter is 50cm deep x about 56cm wide - and I really needed to pay more attention. Fortunately it still fits 30cm needles - and though I'm a novice knitter, that's my needle length of choice, so hopefully it will still fit the majority of needles belonging to Ali - there is also room for circulars, crochet hooks, scissors, pencils and assorted knitting goodies :)

I used fabric from stash and from this fantastic store Funky Fabrics which as it happens is on a direct route from my house to Amy's work - how terrible is that lol!! They have wonderful retro and different fabrics, cute patterns, gorgeous displays and gifts and wonderful customer service in the lovely Shona. So if you are near Mitchelton in Brisbane, pop in to see this lovely store you won't be disappointed. For those of you not in Brisbane - they have a website as well :)

Now of course some photos.

The outside

The inside

Rolled up.

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