Thursday, December 11

The brief was

A couple of Munch Crunch, bright colours with cowboys, pirates and monkeys. And I think these all fit the bill. It's tricky for me to take photos of lots of nappies at once, cause I'm too short one end lol!! As it is I need to stand on a chair to take photos of more than a couple at a time.

They are from the back left to right.

Red Minky Auriel with pirate monkeys
Sea Green Minky Auriel Munch Crunch with embroidery
Aqua Sea Minky Auriel - Pirate frogs
Red Velvet Windpro, Lime inner, Munch Crunch with embroidery
Teal Windpro, aqua inner, Cowboy feature panel Auriel
Quick Dry Teal HoneyBoy! AIO with Pirate Tabs
Quick Dry Tomatoe HoneyBoy! AIO with Pirate monkeys.

Hand delivering these tomorrow and my to do list is getting shorter :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh your so teasing with those devine creations! How cute is that cowboy fabric though!

    Oh to have a little boy!!