Wednesday, February 25

As promised

Okay I know, I know, it's nearly the END of February, but the hunt has taken alot of Shane's time and hence my snapper has been MIA with that. But anyways I'm cracking the whip now, with the hunt due to start on Sunday, so I'm trying to get some stock finished to put up for that. I'll more than likely just be randomly stocking on the Cherub's Kiss site. Updates on the blog may be a bit lean lol!!

Close up of the froggie

The Back.

Anyways so here is the first hand embroidered Auriel that will come up for sale - it's a fleece AI2. Windpro outer, microfleece inner and an extra layer of windpro in the wet zone to prevent wicking through the embroidery/fabric panel. This one is 'limited edition' lime windpro, feature panel of frogs on the front, emerald green microfleece inner and cute multi-coloured frogs on the back. The booster that snaps in - is 8 layers of lush bamboo topped with microfleece and these AI2 will come with 2 boosters to snap in. When out and about for a trip, you can just snap in a new booster provided the shell isn't soiled.

The front.

The inner.

Then another custom going out for a little man - cotton print fitteds, with sherpa inners - how cute is the turtle one?

And then the Jungle Softies is stock for the hunt - again a fitted, with a lemon velour inner.

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