Friday, March 20

And just some more of the

fantastic photos taken by Rachel Richter

She does the most fantastic work, we have so many to pick from - even the ones where one of the children is making a face, are beautiful, but anyways here is a selection. I thought long and hard about putting any of me up, but I thought what the heck right? Some of you may know that I absolutely detest having my photo taken, I think the last decent photos taken were my wedding ones, 20 years ago. Anyways here they are :)


Katherine with her sunnies lol!!

Shane and I

All the kids


And all of us.


  1. Yay now I know what you look like :)

    They certainly are gorgeous photos .... With a gorgeous family of course !

  2. gorgeous as always Lesley.

    But that photo of sarah is stunning. Bodhi even said, 'pretty'

    Thinking I might need to book some photos with Racheal in November.....

  3. Just gorgeous Lesley :) You must be thrilled to bits with the photos!

  4. Finally! Pleased to meet you L & S!! You guys look sooo happy :)

    Absolutely beautiful pics!

  5. Great photos Lesley - We will have to look at getting some done of us as a family soon - have a good friend that took photos of Amelia when she was 18months so hoping that we move back to Darwin so she can snap happy again!

  6. Oh great photos Lesley! You look like someone I know from somewhere... trying to think very hard who and where lol

    Now I know the face that goes with the talent ;) hi guys! *waves*