Sunday, March 22

I don't think that

Shane isn't going to be very happy with me :( I've done all this cutting, but before I can turn them into gorgeous nappies, Shane has to snap them all yikes!!

I just dragged out a box, and started cutting, so there are some single items, ones I've done before, the last of my giraffe minky PUL. Quite a few new prints as well. Even some size 1 - I haven't stocked them for awhile. Some will be going up on my site later this week, some are off to The Cloth Nappy Shop and some will be put aside for the new customer stocking in May.

So anyways I thought someone might like to pick something from the picture. You may choose 1 nappy from those above, tell me why it's your favourite (you must be a NEW customer, someone that has never tried an Auriel before to enter). Random Generator will pick someone from the posters, and you may choose to purchase the nappy you've selected.

And can anyone guess how many nappy cuts there are?

Oh and I'll close this off end of the week :) So don't forget to let any newbies know, here's a chance to grab a CK Auriel, with no fighting for one :)


  1. no wonder you've been MIA online lately! You've been very very busy!
    I can't wait to get to pat the ones coming to the shop! (although chances I won't get to pat them for long, lol!)

  2. I absoloutely adore the pink minky at the front. I am yet to try an Auriel but would love to as my daughter is a tummer sleeper and I've heard only great things about them for tummy sleeping babies. Almost every nappy we own leaks while Ellie-May is napping so to get our hands on our very own Auriel would be a dream come true
    Danielle Roberts

  3. I that pink fairy floss minkee I spy at the front?! Oooohhhhh sooo preettty and pattable, yum yum.

  4. Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwww I want one!! All mine I have to friends to try !! :(

    Can't wait to see them all made up .. . they are purdy!

  5. Wow, you will be very very busy indeed. I absolutely adore and must have that classic pooh bear print. It is absoluetly gorgeous and will look great on my darling son.

    I also guess there is 38 nappy cuts.

  6. I have been told by quite a few cloth addicts to have a look at the Auriels and I couldnt believe when I saw this link come up on my fave forum.

    I like the Winnie the Pooh one - I havent seen one in that pattern before.

    I would love to try out an Auriel on my daughter. Fingers crossed

  7. oh so many wonderful choices. I would have to say my favorite is the tool material. I think my little fellla would love it. I am yet to manage to heyena a Auriel. How many cuts? I am guessing 22.


  8. is this where i register my interest to buy the nappy...?

    well anyway if it is i'm a long time drooler first time poster. I really love the winne the pooh and tigger fabric in the first photo - i am a HUGE fan of classic pooh and particularly like this fabric... who doesn't love tigger!!!????

  9. My my!
    Id LOVE to try an auriel Lesley, Ive not had the opportunity as yet.
    I love the tigger cut, and I guess the cuts at 27 :)

  10. Where are the boy cuts lol

    I love the blue mottled looking one if its boyish hehe

  11. I love love the brown giraffe minky...just want to cuddle and pat it....(oh you want to make a nappy out of it? well i can cuddle and pat that too..once it's on DD of course!!)

    26 cuts?

  12. The cut that has caught my eye has got to be the greeny cut with the turtles. Just too cute! :)

    Oh -my guess is that there is 32


  13. oh i love the blue whit purple and yellow threw it (minky PUL)just divine!!!

  14. I love the Winney the Pooh fabric, I love this because it is such a classic fabric that either a boy or girl could wear.

    My guess is there is 31 cuts

  15. My favourite is the turtle batik I can see peeking out in the second photo.
    The reason it's my favourite is that it reminds me of the lovely fabrics my SIL brings back from Samoa and the Pacific Islands once a year on her trips home between work contracts. She probably won't get to meet my yet-to-be-born babe until he/she is 3 months old which is a bit sad, but I'm sure she'll come laden with lovely Pacific Island gifts. ;)

  16. Oh cool a comp to win an awesome nappy! (so I've heard). I've heard through the grapevine that Auriel's are brilliant and I would love to try one on my DD before we start toilet training later this year :(.
    I love love the giraffe material if I were to win!

  17. Oh what a great idea! I have some Auriels already but I wanted to guess 29 nappy cuts!

  18. oooo....a chance for my first auriel!!!
    i love the turtles! i adore fluff with animals and they make for great gender-neutral nappies (for the bump!)

  19. oh wow, so generous.
    I guess 22.
    I love the butterfly print, it looks like the butterflies are suspended in space waiting to be captured.

  20. i would love to try an auriel i hear they are the best.
    I love that black with butterfly's (by bys) as my daughter calls them, as i really love her in black and pink.
    i also want to guess 19 nappy cuts you have there.

  21. I love that swirly pink and brown one at the front. It reminds me of melted neopolitain ice cream.....YUM.

    I think there are 26 nappy cuts :)

  22. I would LOVE to have the chance to try an Auriel!
    I like the work tool fabric the best. It is so hard to find really boyish nappies for my little man!

    I am guessing 27 nappy cuts.

  23. I love the light pink & yellow/green mottled nappy cut in front of the winnie the pooh one in the first photo. Just gorgeous!


  24. Those nappy cuts are all gorgeous! But if I had to pick one that stands out, that beautiful pinky multicoloured one under the giraffe minky is really beautiful.
    I am guessing there may be 22 nappy cuts there!
    I've never had an Auriel, it would be awesome to finally be able to try one!
    Robyn Davidson

  25. Oooh, I'm going to guess that there are 21 nappy cuts there. I'd love a chance to try an Auriel for my DD, and I'd have to say that the white with the red/pink floral design looks just stunning! I just love floral prints.

  26. Ooh I just love the giraffe print, it goes so well with the jungle theme I'm planning for this bub. Oh and I'm guessing there are 21 nappy cuts

  27. I reckon 48 nappy cuts ... and I think the tools (cotton) is gorgeous!

    I never can get and buy these in time :( and when they are on auction sites they are ridiculously expensive.


  28. Oh wow CM - thems alot of nappy cuts!! (...& no, I don't know exactly how many... 33?! My head hurts!!)
    I looooooooooooooooooove the giraffe minkee!! Did I have to say why...? Let me count the ways...
    * Minkee is delish.
    * Punky needs more giraffe fluff to go with her giraffe baby legs.
    * I NEED to know what all the fuss is about... ;)
    * Anything made by any crafty mama IS the bomb, no doubt..!

    I could go on but then I'd use up all the room & nobody else could post....


    Longing for fluff,

  29. Hi Lesley,

    Have heard the best things about your nappies and have been searching everywhere to find them :-) I love the butterfly fabric! My daughter has a t-shirt with the same design and we haven't been able to wear it much as she doesn't have a nappy to match :-) thanks for the opportunity to have a go