Sunday, March 15

Gossamer Dreams March Stocking

Items are up and previewing now at Gossamer Dreams remember items go live at 8pm Qld time for 24 hours only. I've put together a couple of newborn sets, a gorgeous black frog pinnie, some frogs legs lol! and a couple of Munch Crunch size 1 Auriels.

Please note that the Munch Crunch are up there for those that haven't already purchased one before. I can only monitor the ones that I have sold, not the ones people have bought second hand - but I ask that you be fair when purchasing and if you already have a Munch Crunch, leave it for someone else.

Now a few other updates.

Unfortunately I've had to make the decision for the time being suspend the custom ballot draws. I had a couple of customs on OZeBaby - and the winners have been notified, and then I have the customs already in the works and the ones for the March draw. Once I have completed these - they will be the last customs for a few months. Please do not be offended or take it personally if you email for a custom and i have to refuse. I really like being able to offer these from time to time, but at the moment I can't take on anymore.

I am a WAHM who makes 99% of everything herself. Shane helps with the snapping, but all Cherub's Kiss Nappies are made by hand, each nappy individually cut and sew especially for you. I take great pride in my workmanship and the attention to detail that I have. Hence at times there is not much if any stock available. I work very hard, but I do have a family to attend to as well, and as always they should be my first priority. There are a great variety of fantastic WAHM products out there, that I can recommend. There are also quite a few mass produced products that have an excellent reputation. My items are designer items and as such are limited in quantity. I rarely do huge runs of any design or colour. I like my nappies to be individual.

I will however be reinstating the new customer stockings, I've done them in the past and will start them again in May. Full details will be sent via newsletter, so if you haven't already joined up my newsletter, I suggest that you do, as details of how to register etc will be included only in the newsletter.

Remember if you are buying any of my nappies second hand I am more than happy to let you know what the make up of a nappy is - please be aware when buying second hand that my 6mth warranty no longer applies, as I can't guarantee how the nappy has been treated before you receive it. RRP for my size 2 Auriels is $37. HoneyBoy! Quick Drys are $34.50, but I will be putting my prices up when I'm back in May. Obviously there are variations to this if you have an embellished, OOAK or dyed nappy, but I am happy to anyone to contact me to confirm pricing details before purchase.

I'll be taking the month of April off, to recharge the batteries, pack up hunt prizes, have some time off with my darling hubby and family, and work on a monster stocking for sometime in May.

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