Wednesday, March 18

So this Alien

was a bit naughty and so turned out to be a slight second. Fortunately he found a new home, with a gorgeous Caterpillar - wonder if they'll make caterpillar aliens together? Luckily I'm hoping that his brothers - all with different coloured alien snaps, will make an appearance of OZeBaby later this week - that's if they behave.

And the first of the February Customs to go out. Seems lately that most of the customs have gone to Mumma's of boys, but I think the slots of OZeBaby are going to baby girls :) So some pink again.

So Black minky with dragons and a red inner. Pirate treasure with a yellow inner. Pirate monkeys - who are so very naughty and they made me make two of them, cause the first one didn't behave. Sending him to the naughty corner. And a food panel blue mottled minky.

1 comment:

  1. WOW Lesley..those are amazing...

    *prays* one day I will hold one in my hands...I just hope my hyena abilities are up to it!

    I met one of the winners of your custom slots yesterday...and am OH SO JEALOUS!!!