Thursday, March 5

My sewing room is a Mess

We've had to throw so much stuff in there waiting for the builders to come to replace the floors tomorrow. How do you fit 3 rooms - 2 bedrooms and rumpus worth of stuff somewhere else in your house?

He rang today to say - hey is everything out of those rooms, we finished a job early so we want to come and pull up your floor now? What the? No way - where are my girls going to sleep? Shane's at work, I can't move the furniture by myself. Anyways they better get the job done in one day like they are suppose to, cause all the furniture is going to have to live on the driveway tomorrow. Guess who'll be up at 5am tomorrow morning moving stuff out :(

Needless to say it couldn't have come at a worse time and so what I'm really saying is don't expect the stocking to happen until late Sunday, when I can actually get to my sewing machine to finish things off.

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