Sunday, March 8

Some More Lotteries ...............

Up on OZeBaby.

I have one for new customers - those that have never managed to purchase a CK nappy of any variety - New Customers . I do have good records and I can check to see if you have purchased from me before. If you have, please put your name down on the other custom slot lottery here

I'll be more than likely running more of these lotteries as it gives those on dial up the same chance as everyone else. I have done them in the past on the CK site, but that was before Katherine, and I just don't have the hours to have a mass new customer stocking just at the moment, hoping to have one later in the year though, just have to sew up a stack of nappies first.

Now I'd better get back to my sewing of the stocking on Cherub's Kiss won't happen until much later today.

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