Friday, March 27

New Customer Stocking and Newsletter 54.

Please see below regards the New Customer stocking. I've started to receive emails for the expressions of interest. Everyone will have an email sent to them by Monday with details of how to proceed from here :) I thank everyoe that has replied so far with requests, and I'm very pleased to be able to help you procure a CK nappy :)

Please note the time has come to cut off the list for this round of New Customer Stockings. Please join my newsletter if you'd like to be updated with the details for next time around.

Hello everyone,

Well it's nearly at the end of the GDUNH, but there is still time to find those elusive icons. You have until midnight AEST 31st March.

I'll be stocking on Tuesday 31st March, I'll start to preview over the weekend at my OZeBaby Store. For this stocking, I ask that you limit your purchases to 2 per person, so we can share the CK love around. Items will be yours when carted, to give you time to get another or take your time through the checkout. Please note it is first to cart, that gets the item. Clicking buy it now doesn't ensure that you have the item, it must be in your cart to secure it.

I am happy to combine orders with regards to postage. But I will expect immediate payment, either via paypal or direct deposit. Those paying by direct deposit, will need to email me a copy of their receipt. Items not paid for in 24 hours, will be relisted for sale. Shane and I will be away the end of next week and I would like all orders to be posted before we go away.

If you are hyena'ing for another, please ensure that their shipping address is in the shipping details. If paying by paypal, please note that orders over $50 must be sent registered post at your cost, and only to the paypal shipping address provided.

I'm starting to reinstate my new customer stockings, I've done these in the past for HoneyBoy!, but I'm now doing them for all my nappies, so therefore I'm asking for expressions of interest in the New Customer Stocking. If you are a NEW customer - eg: you've never purchased from me before - either for yourself or another - from either my Cherub's Kiss store, my OzeBaby store or via Gossamer Dreams, then you are eligible to purchase in this stocking.

Just shoot me an email here This month's slots have now closed with New Customer in the subject (that way it will go to the right email folder and not be lost), with a rough idea of what you would like - ie boy/girl/unisex - Auriel or HoneyBoy! and what size. Please note these are not custom slots, this is a way to get my nappies to as many of you as possibly in the shortest space of time. You will need to lodge your expression of interest by 5pm Saturday the 28th March for this round of new customer slots. There will be more slots later in the year.

Full details will be forwarded to you after your expression of interest - no payment will be required until your order is ready to go - I do have some nappies all ready and waiting, but others I will need to make up.

Also please note that my stores will be closed for the month of April, but I will be around, emails/queries will be answered but may not be answered in my usual prompt manner. Shane and I both need some down time to recover from the hunt, check icon finds and start packing up the hunt prizes, ready to go to the winners.

Please also check out the Kick Start Program on Facebook - a dear friend and business colleague Jodie from Nappies Covered is listed in this weeks entries - you can vote for Jodie here

The Cherub's Kiss Family

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