Wednesday, April 8

Do not attempt

Cupcake pops with 5yo and 2yo helpers. It does not go well.

I massacred a devil's food cake and mixed it with vanilla buttercream to make the pops and I think they turned out slightly egg shaped - nothing on Bakella's though.

I sourced the Candy Melts from ebay - I just got white vanilla, but boy are the uber sweet - I reckon next time I'll just go Choc Melts preferably the good stuff, so they aren't so sweet. I had to mix in some Copha, cause the melts were just too thick.

I had visions of beautifully decorated eggs, but with 2 little helpers, this is what we got - luckily I think the 5yo preppies that they are destined for will be stoked with so much sugar - I hope their Mums don't hate me tomorrow afternoon, but I'm hoping the dip in the pool before pick up time will wear the colours off lol!!

All in all, I think I'll try them again, with lots of time, and no helpers. I'd really like to make these ones Cupcake Pops as I think they'll be more forgiving.

I don't think the cakes took too kindly to being frozen, as some of the shells cracked, so perhaps a stint in the fridge would be better. I'm thinking warm candy coating and freezing cold cakes don't mix. I also didn't have any styrofoam and wasn't braving the shops to get some, so I made do with some rice in a container, it works okay, but the pops are very top heavy, so watch out for falling pops.


  1. They are very Picasso looking eggs - I like them, they certainly have character ;-)

  2. They look yum!!! I would eat them ;)

  3. Hee hee! I bet the kids had fun though... and they would have tasted yummy!

    I made very simple cupcakes with Easter Eggs on (just put a photo up on my blog), so all the kids had to do was place the eggs on each cupcake. I would like to try these gorgeous Easter Eggs on sticks, but only after the kiddies are well and truly in bed! :-D

    Ruth xx