Sunday, April 5

New Customer Goodies

Well here are some of the goodies that the New Customers are getting. I hope the new owners like them. I apologise for the not the best photos, trying to take them and pack them in a hurry, so I'm ready to go when Shane gets back from doing some things with the children.

For Ann - Unisex Size 2 Auriel - Spring Green, white inner, and a Unisex Quick Dry HoneyBoy! Size medium - Lemon Lime with frogs.

For BP - Pink Nebula Size 2 Auriel, Aurora Size 2 Auriel

For Emma - Size 2 Black with Hot pink Inner and Fushcia Dragons and a size 1 Unisex Giraffe Auriel

For Trudy - Size 2 Auriels - Black Butterflys and Pink AIO with feature panel of Tillbrook Sprites.

This is a newborn pack, which is a collaboration from The Cloth Nappy Shop - the covers, and Bits for Bots - the prefolds, the rest from yours truly. They'll be going to the just about to be new mumma sometime this next week - the brief was bright and unisex, with a dragonfly t-shirt - which turned out sooo cute, I might have to make some more. So we have 2 Minkee Covers, 2 prefolds, a pair of babylegs, Size 00 t-shirt appliqued. Newborn Raphael. Size 1 hand dyed bamboo velour fitted Auriel. Size 1 Minkee Rainbow AIO.

Shane and I are playing hookey for the next few days, so I won't be here to answer emails. We aren't taking a computer with us at all. But I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I'll be emailing the next lot of new customers as well, so be ready to pay and your nappies will be on their way.

On a very sad note the Cherub's are sending throughts and prayers to Frances who knits for Possum Pouches Frances husband of 60 plus years passed away on Saturday. Please send your prayers to all the Possum Pouches family.

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  1. I was thinking as I scrolled down from the top of the page Lesley... how many homes in Australia (and beyond!) have your handiwork in them... there would have to be so many - if you think of all the things you've ever made for people...

    (ps ove the dragonfly item, whoever made that one)