Saturday, April 25

The last of them ......

The last of the New Customer orders (well bar one, but that's not being sent just yet) and a custom lottery slot from OZeBaby. I still have a couple more things that need finishing before I go - but I'm hoping that will only take a little while in the morning before we head off.

For Lindsay - 2 Medium/Long HoneyBoy! Fitteds

For Nat - 1 fitted Auriel and 1 AIO Auriel

For Kristy - 1 Medium/Long HoneyBoy! and 1 Medium HoneyBoy! Unisex and both Quick Dry AIO's.

For Vicky - for a new bubba yet to make her appearance, and isn't the small sized raphael gorgeous - the photos don't do it justice, the colours are just beautiful, just like a raspberry sorbet.

The Fronts

The backs

We are away until the first week of May, so any emails won't be answered, as our net access is pretty nearly non-existent. I will answer the emails as quickly as I can on our return.

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