Friday, April 24

The best laid plans

of mice and men - often go astray.

Sorry these photos didn't go up last night, but my littlies had an accident at the supermarket - they are both okay - but gave mummy the hugest fright ever. So we all had a very early night.

Catriona - a size 1 and size 2 - both with natural fibre inners

Dani - 2 size 2 - natural inners.

In the post today - Salwa

And this is what Shane, I and the lovely Tracy who gave up half her day off to help us with packing up the prizes. They are all packed and awaiting to go to their new homes, just waiting on emails of confirmation from the winners, so the parcels don't go walkabout to the wrong address. Those already confirmed we are taking with us to post whilst we are away. The rest will have to wait until we return in early May. As you can see, they covered my whole lounge room floor and then some.

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