Wednesday, April 22


Well something threw a spanner in the works on Tuesday, so I'm still working on New Customer items and they are a day late leaving. Those going today are


Kerry - and alas no photos - cause the ones Shane took were terrible - that will teach me - but I promise Kerry they are beautiful.


I have contacted everyone who was on my list - if I haven't heard back from you regards payment by Friday, you will have to wait until the next New Customer Stocking for your items. Or if you've emailed and not heard from me at all it means I haven't gotten your email, please resend it by Friday. If payment isn't received by Friday, you'll have to wait until we get back from our break away for your items to be posted. Shane and I will be away with no net access till the first week of May and we aren't taking work with us :)

Did you miss out on my new customer stocking, if so be sure to sign up to my newsletter at - details of the next stocking will only be made available to those on my newsletter list.

I still have some customs to also finish up and will be doing those first, before restocking the stores - mid May. But in the meantime a little birdie tells me that the Cloth Nappy Shop, has a handful of girly Auriels. I've also added my to do list in my side bar. The custom slots for March haven't been drawn yet - as you can see my list is a little long, so these slots will be drawn when I'm caught up a little.

Shane's managed to get some extended holidays, so during this time, we are re-vamping the sewing room/office to hopefully make it a bit more special to help keep the mojo going.

Also just a note on copyright and the use of photos. Please remember that the copyright on all photos and content of this blog, any of my other blogs, or stores, remains with me. Please just shoot me an email to ask if you'd like to use it or alternatively if you'd like to link to it, please just credit the source.

Oh and it appears that most prefer a set stocking time - 62% to 37% preferring random stockings. I'll probably continue to do a mixture, with most of my items auto-stocked so you can see exactly what time they go live.

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