Friday, May 15

Gossamer Dreams Stocking

Tonight at 8pm Qld time.

I'm still working on a couple of things as usual lol! But how gorgeous is this set. I very very nearly kept it for Katherine.

It's all bamboo fleece and velour and just the lushest most squishiest outfit ever.

I was hoping to have more boy items, but the fabrics that I had here dyed, didn't lend themselves to stuff for boys, but I promise the next stocking will be weighed towards the boyish items. Or I might even make my next stocking for the boys :D


  1. that is just divine!!!
    i wish i had a girl!!! i would love to see more boyish hehe :) xx

  2. Well I had a boys set, but it wasn't quite finished :( I got a little carried away with the girly set. But the boys one will go up on the store when it's finished. And I promise the next stocking will be boyish :)