Saturday, May 16

Warm Apple Pie and Birthday Parties

We went to a lovely birthday party for some little friends of William and Katherine, and since I try no longer to do toys for pressies - I was on the search - Little Toby was organised months ago - I saw something that I knew would be perfect and the gorgeous maker of Jetta's Nest goodies agreed to make Toby his gorgeous t-shirt.

The pirate is just the cutest thing

Mind you there is suppose to be a pair of pants to go with this, but with GD stocking this week, I just ran out of time, so much for being organised.

I fell in love with the pattern Frida from the minute I saw it and I knew that it would make the perfect dress for Miss Miya, found the most perfect funky and pink fabric from Patches and hey presto a pretty pink dress - which Shane says was perfectly Miya - thanks to another little friend who is much the same size we decided on the 6/7 - making the size 6 for length. I've also found a way to shorten a bit of the sewing time, and since my iron and I aren't always on speaking terms, means that I can avoid the ouchies from the steam. I promise I'll come back with a tute for the trickier way to sew the bodice.

Please forgive the indoor pictures, but it was chilly and damp this morning.

Close up of the pocket

Front bodice with the capped sleeve and little ties

The whole shebang.

And I did promise to put Wems out of her misery sometime this week and I got a new toy for Mother's Day - it was a Kenwood Multipro - our old food processors died about 2 mths ago and I thought I'll be right, we can cope without one. But nope, I would have used it all the time, the old one had given me 20 years of good service, but was always a little on the small side, so since I couldn't get a food processor with the knife blade to attach to the Kenwood Mixed, we went with this one. It was on special and had a cash back and credit card awards paid for some of it, got to love those awards. So I was very spoilt. Mind you I think Shane only bought it for me cause he knows I can cook more stuff with it lol!!

Anyways this is my first effort with it - I made the pastry for this freeform Apple/Raspberry Pie and it was delicious!!! Shane says the best one yet. But I'll let you be the judge of that. Best of all it cooks in about 30 minutes, is crisp and delicious and full of gorgeous fruit.


  1. Yum, apple pie!

    The Frida is divine!

  2. Yumyum ..all of it :) You are very talented Lesley. I love the fabrics of the dress.

  3. Thank you Sara and Tracy, the pie was lovely and there is even some leftover for tonight.

  4. Oooh my mouth is watering . . . and not just for that pie. The irate and the dress are just beautiful! Looking forward to your tute :)

  5. Another couple of talented creations... that dress is just beautiful Lesley... and can easily imagine a little girl a-swishin' and a-swayin' in it, most chuffed with her newest threads.