Sunday, June 28

Well it's been a long 3 days

and it's not quite finished yet - still more shelves to build and floor to go in but at least it is again usable and I can find everything. It was an absolute nightmare the last few days trying to pack orders, when I couldn't find the tape, or the paper or the bags or the boosters ............... well you get the idea.

But isn't it awesome!!!!! Hugest thanks go to Shane's Dad for building the pigeonholes and Gerry my Stepdad for painting the room, it's a lovely shade called Sea Angel, a bit blue, a bit green. This is the only part I'm showing you for now, until the other bits are finished, but it's great.

Oh and this isn't all my fabrics either - the MM fleece, velour, microfleece is too bulky to store in little pigeon holes, so it's in other boxes elsewhere. Plus I have other cupboards that need tidying before I could think of showing anyone lol!!

I have been amazingly ruthless with my culling - mainly craft magazines, some fabric and trims plus a few patterns and bits and pieces.

But I can't wait to get started working again on more goodies. As you can guess from this post, no goodies were made this weekend.

The first lottery was drawn on OZeBaby and the winner notified. But don't despair there will be more and I'll probably just run them for a short amount of time.


  1. Oh Lesley, that looks amazing!!!

  2. WOW!! I wish I was that organised!

  3. fantastic lesley! must feel so good to have everything organised so beautifully (well almost everything ;))

  4. Looks great!!! will come and play can I pick first!!!1

  5. ok .. so I can fit Shane's Dad in .. on the 10th of July .. it shouldn't take him more than a few days to put one of those in each of my rooms - should it? oh .. oh .. to be organised .. rofl

    It looks fantastic Lesley - and I'm sure it will make life so much easier

  6. SEe??!! I always knew Shane was more than just a pretty face. I mean . . . more than just a face. . . I mean . . . . . I always knew Shane.
    Looks great guys! Hugs, Kat xx

  7. *jealous* That is amazing! Can't wait to see the rest of it!!

  8. wow looks great! i so wish i had that much space to be so orgaised hehe :)