Friday, July 3

A new Angel on the block

After some prodding from friends, and the fact that we are going to be extra busy before we know it with the Nappy Hunt, I am pleased to announce that we have a new Cherub in the ranks. A lovely lady will be stepping up as our customer service Angel - Angel will be fielding email enquiries with regards to Cherub's Kiss products, so I can concentrate on sewing and creating. I've been quite inundated lately with emails and hopefully this will help to make things smoother.

Emails will still be answered in a timely fashion, please allow up to 24 hours for your emails to be answered. If you enquiry is time-sensitive, please make a note in the subject heading. Please note that emails may not always be answered on the weekend, as both The Cherubs and the Lovely Angel have families to tend to.

I'm currently just finishing some stock to put up, but again they will be stocked on OzeBaby at random. My sister arrives on Sunday for a few days and I'll be spending that with her. So more stock will more than likely not go up till late next week.

Shane and I will be away for most of August, and when we are home will be preparing for the hunt, as a consequence my Cherub's Kiss and OZebaby Store will be closed for the month of August. But I'll be back in time for the Hunt on the 1st September.

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