Sunday, July 26

Happy 3rd Birthday Katherine

Okay, okay, so I'm a slack blogger. Katherine's birthday was a week ago, but things have been slightly insane in the Cherub house. We've had illness, work, Nappy Hunt, and Shane and i are going away in a weeks time, for a very long deserved and absolutely needed break away, so we are madly rushing around trying to get orders finished, pack and everything else.

Anyways we only had a very quiet family birthday for Miss K - and here are some piccies. She wanted pink piggy cupcakes, so that's what she got :) She's wearing a divine hand-dyed Jule from Willow and Moo just gorgeous isn't it - she calls it her kirt, read skirt, and wore it every day for 3 days even to bed lol! until it got covered in yoghurt, but it's been washed and washed since then.

Yummo, a little piggy to eat.

And of course just because, angel came to visit and took these gorgeous photos of the children.


And my shy guy William.


  1. Fantastic photos!

    And you were so right pink/purple are totally Katherine's colours!

  2. Gorgeous Photos! Happy birthday little Miss K. I can't believe you are 3 already :)