Monday, August 24

Back to work

I know, I know we are still on holidays and yes we are sort of. But we had masses to do for the Nappy Hunt, and I still have some orders to finish and try and get some stock done for sale for the hunt. So I'm not working at full pace, but probably half pace until Shane goes back to work on Wednesday then it's full steam ahead again.

We have some lovely things planned for the Hunt, not the least of which is a revamp of the CK site. We've kept the same awesome colours, but there are a few new bits and pieces coming and best of all I won't oversell on the new website, which takes the pressure off me stocking.

Now of course it's time to see some goodies.

Damask Minky, Fleece Auriel and Minky Auriel for Esther. One of these is the new 1.5 sized Auriels. Coming soon.

Two gorgeous Cotton Print Outer AI2 to match a Gossamer Dreams Dress from April. Cotton Print outer Auriels are coming soon.

Some stock for the hunt - PUL outers and cute print microfleece inners.

Something exciting in the works here, keep your eyes peeled. You are going to be blown away with these items!! Katherine has been eyeing them off and I was hard pressed not to give in.

Watch for giveaways, lotteries, lots of random stocking and excitement in the month of September, as Cherub's Kiss celebrates 4 years of MCN for sale.


  1. Such beautiful work Lesley. I'm getting excited about the hunt now.... yayyyyy!

    Mr Lesley? LOL..
    Has that always been there?, I've only just noticed it.

  2. Super cute bug prints!
    All looks gorgeous :)

  3. Gorgeous as always! Thank goodness they all look girly!!!

    Now Mr Lesley can brag about his own snapping brilliance! LOL!