Sunday, August 23

K's Rainbow Dress

Finally a half decent photo lol!! Katherine is in a very cheeky frame of mind lately and getting photos is a bit hit and miss.

Anyways another Rainbow dress, this was my first attempt, and it really should have been longer, but due to my impatience it's not and there wasn't enough wool to make it any longer.

I used 10 ply I *think* from the gorgeous Lucy at Cloud 9 Creations aren't the colours just divine

And because W wanted to get in on the act

Notice how the half cut hair is hiding lol!!!


  1. That's gorgeous Lesley!!!
    lol at the haircut ;)

  2. oooh, how adorable is Katherine!!! I can't believe how grown up she looks and how tall she is.

    I love the length of the dress, it looks very 70s. It's beautiful yarn, I think I might need to stalk Lucy :D