Friday, August 28

It's okay isn't it

if I don't do any work this weekend, don't sew, don't get any stock made and instead play with this beautiful babies

Amy our eldest has been at us for awhile to get some new kitties. Our last kitty passed away when I was pregnant with Katherine and I do miss her.

So at last they found what they were looking for - two little 8 week kitties, brother and sister who had been abandoned :( They are just gorgeous, beautiful natures, cuddly, soft and very purry lol!! The little man asleep is Tiger and the beautiful lady playing with a ribbon is Belle.


  1. Congrats on the new fluffies!!!!!!! They bring so much joy into the family (amongst other things LOL!).

    They are GORGEOUS!!!! Its great that you saved them xxx

  2. Awwww, soo cute. I wouldn't be doing anything but play with them.
    So nice you saved a brother and sister. :)

  3. Just adorable. I miss having a cat in the house too so we might be looking as well!

  4. Nawww they are soooo cute. Take the weekend off and play i reckon :P

  5. Naaaaaaaaaw!

    They are the same colour as my Morgaloo! I was going to say if you hadn't named them yet, you had to consider names starting with M, since they have one right between their eyes lol, but Belle & Tiger are great names, especially Belle... beautiful!

    Gorgeous kitties!

  6. oh wow aren't they adorable! and at that age they are such good lil nuzzlers so begging off work for a bit is understandable!!

    its such a pity i'm a cat person in a dog household *sighs*