Tuesday, September 1

Welcome to the Nappy Hunt

Yes everyone it's that time again, the bi-annual Cloth Nappy Hunt has begun - if you haven't already registered, you can do so here

Our new website is up and running, we are having a slight delay in having our email address' switched over to the new server, so if you have emailed over the last couple of days and not received a reply, please visit the new website and contact us via the home page.

Please take a few moments to get acquainted with our new site, if you are intending to purchase in September, in particular we have changed our payment terms, so pop along to our FAQs and have a quick squizz.

Some nappies are already up previewing, but I have a few more going up tonight as well, a couple of cotton print outers and some more hand dyed goodies.

More Hand dyes and some HoneyBoy! Fitteds will be going up later in the week. Remember we are randomly stocking during the hunt. Or you can also check out Gossamer Dreams as the girls are stocking one item a day during the month of September.

Here's just a teaser of the hand dyed nappies coming.

Unfortunately we had a non-contact bidder on our Watato Auction which is deeply upsetting and disappointing for both Mel and I. We have however offered the auction to the next highest bidder so that the monies raised can still be sent to this worthy cause.

As a result of this however I am putting in place a new policy for auctions. If you are a new purchaser of Cherub's Kiss you will be contacted once you have placed a bid to verify that your details are correct. If return contact isn't made, we will have Congo Cart delete your bid. This may seem harsh, but it is unfair to genuine bidders and ourselves to be messed around, particularly for Charity Auctions.

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  1. Loving the look of those hand dyed fabrics Lesley :) And I think its perfectly reasonable to be taking the steps you are to ensure only genuine bidders partake in auctions. Not that you should have to do anything - but that's life I suppose :)