Friday, September 18

Hmmm, I think

I've found my inner hippy. I'm having lots of fun with this month's theme on Gossamer Dreams. I've just put this nappy up for preview over at Gossamer Dreams, it will go live tonight.

It's a denim outer, appliqued nappy - with Groovy on the back and some wild ramblings on the front.

I'm just finishing off the semi-customs and auctions from Gossamer Dreams, and a couple of overdue customs and then I'll be starting on the new size 1 nappies to be stocking next week. Lots of testing has gone into these nappies, and I have had nothing but positive feedback. These will fit from approximately 4.5kg to 9.5 kg, though they have been worn by both an 11kg and 12kg bubbas, but like any nappy, measurements are much more important.

As always we welcome feedback and thoughts on any of our products, so please feel free to contact us at anytime :)

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