Sunday, September 20

Happy 6th Birthday William

Well it was William's 6th Birthday this week and 3 cakes isn't too many is it lol!! He had a blast all week, week long celebrations, that what I reckon we should have for every birthday.

He had a couple of little friends on Sunday for a run around the back yard and a play And he choose a pirate topper and candles, with a chocolate cake and chocolate frosting.

And then on Wednesday we made cupcakes for school. Plain vanilla with either pink or blue icing and sprinkles, as you can see little Miss K helped with those lol. Check out the awesome goodies she's wearing. A gorgeous apron and chef's hat by the talented Kat and the lovely little Pint from Megsie.

And then on Saturday we had Nana and Pop come down with a Ben10 Ice Cream Cake.

We now have lots of new Lego floating around the house and some awesome Dino and Ben Ten Jammies. We have a gorgeous t-shirt from Jetta's Nest. Will pop in with some photos after we tackle the Racecourse Road Street Party today.

And Miss K didn't go without either, Megsie sent her a Pint Dolly named Katie - she is gorgeous and K won't put her down. She told me yesterday to be quiet, I was going to wake up Baby Dolly


  1. What a wonderful birthday week and I agree birthdays should last more than one day!

    Gorgeous kids and gorgeous cakes.

  2. Happy Birthday Master Willian! The week long celebration is something that happens here too - enjoy it I say! :) Happy Birthing Day, Lesley... and Shane... the day when Master William was born and joined your Family. Congratulations to you all, and have an awesome day William!