Sunday, September 20

Racecourse Road Street Party

Was very very hot, but the kids had fun, but no rides that we could see. They indulged in icecream, and it was fantastic, little tiny dots of ice-cream in different flavours, they didn't melt like normal ice-cream and they tasted delicious!!!

And you can see William's Jetta's Next Pirate shirt, peeking just here.

And fairyfloss on a stick, and lollipops and then we found my Nirvana!!!

Cupcakes!!!!!! from Tabitha and aren't they gorgeous, just bite sized, though she does make bigger, but they were delicious. I had the caramel and you get a burst of oozy caramel when you bite into it. Shane had maple pecan and K picked a gorgeous cookie, William just wanted the Fairy Floss from the stall next door. I wish I'd bought more, especially now that I've lost my voice and am feeling less than stellar.

Caramel, I wish I'd taken a picture of the inner, but it was too good!! and look it has pretty sparkles as well.

Maple Pecan

Katherine and her ducky cookie, which was delicious she tells me.


  1. I want some ice cream dots, they look awesome! You said they don't melt, are they still cold like regular ice cream?

  2. Yup still cold like ice-cream :)